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Pocket-friendly Procurement

Meddbot is India’s first digitally-enabled healthcare supply solutions company. With a pool of multiple vendors and manufacturers under one roof, legitimate bidding is facilitated. A buyer has the choice to get a customised offer according to his requirement. Who said Health and quality treatment are expensive? Let Meddbot fix all your asset management concerns without breaking your bank.

Logistics Redefined

Meddbot is not just a market for buying and selling. It is a multi-dimensional sphere where a team of professionals from various industry verticals come together with the single goal of delivering solutions for efficient day-to-day hospital management.

Efficient Asset Management

We take care of the equipment delivery, maintenance, service, and recycle so that you can stay fully focused on delivering your services. With a proper and timely asset management system in place, all supply chain inefficiencies are eliminated. Meddbot ensures that only authorised vendors can register with us. AMCs, CMCs, equipment guarantee, timely service reminders, equipment recycle, suggestions for future add-ons, and whatnot; we deliver complete asset procurement and management solutions. This is why we are a one stop solution to all your procurement concerns.

Optimising Inventory

By ensuring optimal use of existing resources, we help you to bring down your inventory costs. Real-time tracking of product and efficient deployment of equipment between the various departments of a hospital ensures that the medical teams are well informed about the status-quo of a machinery and its availability. This in turn enhances their productivity, which further augments absolute patient care. Moreover, through maintenance planning, you’re also able to co-ordinate orders and inventory more easily. This can lead to cost-saving through economies of scale and bulk buying options.

Consolidated Platform

Meddbot presents a collaborative platform where healthcare providers can interact with asset providers. We aim at bringing all stakeholders of the healthcare industry under one roof. We are offering a secure platform for all authorised sellers, buyers, and distributors in the healthcare sector. We are indirectly enhancing patient care by providing technology-empowered and proactive asset management solutions. Hospitals are not only saving time, costs, and energy but also improving their productivity

Your Preferred Healthcare Partner

Meddbot is not just an asset management portal. We take care of your asset tracking, inventory management, ensure lower equipment downtime, maintenance alerts, warranty expiry alerts, service supports, real-time asset tracking, and many more future add-on services. With our team of professionals committed to quality and transparency, we ensure that only authorised vendors are allowed. These factors make us the most preferred partners and help us attain 100% client satisfaction and client retention.

Reduced Cost, Improved Productivity

Proper asset management eliminates unwanted expenditures. Proper asset sharing and asset tracking ensures there is no asset misplacement or loss. The money and time saved thus can be invested in better and profitable pursuits. With a real time asset tracking system and properly managed inventory in place, healthcare professionals can foresee demands and work accordingly, which in turn improves productivity substantially.

Meddbot Breaks all Barriers

Meddbot is particular about Quality healthcare being available and affordable to all and no physical boundaries should present a barrier. Our strength lies in our technology and this is how we overcome geographical barriers. Every Meddbot customer can track their assets within the comforts of their home.