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Meddbot For Hospitals

Asset Procurement and management

Hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions can now work without worrying about specialised medical equipment. Meddbot ensures smooth procurement and management of medical equipment by taking care of AMCs, CMCs, complaint registrations, timely renewals, warranty expiration, service reminders, to name a few. Meddbot ensures a smooth transition for your NABL, NABH, and JCI Audits.

Getting you connected to the right vendor

Meddbot offers you a secure gateway to get in touch with multiple authorised vendors. Our team of professionals can provide you with suggestions so that you can take informed and prompt decisions. Hospitals are looking for the right vendor to provide them with quality equipment at the right price and we facilitate this collaboration. Every vendor is verified by our quality assurance team. Meddbot saves you from price gouging, counterfeit equipment and poor quality medical products.

Eliminate Heavy Investment

By ensuring optimal use of existing resources, Meddbot aids you in bringing down huge investment. Our efficient asset tracking processes enables hospitals to share existing equipment among departments thus reducing cost and wastage of resources, time, and effort, which in turn can help you serve your patients better.

Real time Tracking of equipment

Real time asset-tracking means every member in your institution is well informed of the status-quo of every equipment, thus every department can efficiently plan and work systematically which enhances the quality of services rendered by your hospital. Apart from this, digital tracking also eliminates the hassle of paperwork.

You decision making partner

Meddbot is not just an asset management portal but your real business partner who takes care of all day-to-day concerns, provides you with efficient solutions, gets you in touch with the right vendors, helps you save money and time, and gives suggestions for future add-ons. An updated and efficient asset management in hospitals ensures absolute equipment utilisation. This means that hospitals can take an informed decision regarding new equipment purchase eliminating unwanted wastage of money.

The Best of Technology at your Service

Artificial Intelligence augmented and Machine Learning solutions are provided to you so that you receive sterling quality services. With a 24*7 support team working round the clock, we ensure you stay updated and informed.

Meddbot For Vendors/Manufacturers/Dealers

Bigger exposure to market

Vendors are constantly looking to get maximum market exposure and collaborate with more hospitals. Meddbot, being the largest collaboration of the medical industry ensures greater market penetration for every vendor.

Expand business/Boost sales and profits

Manufacturers and dealers want to expand business and boost profits. Meddbot is the right place for dealers to meet and interact with every potential client in the healthcare industry.

Receive multiple bids/enquiries

When multiple buyers confluence at one place, dealers have multiple choice and can always ensure a better price for their products

Warranty expiry alerts- ensures smooth workflow

With timely alerts and reminders, Meddbot ensures a seamless workflow, which further enhances productivity

Service Engineer Application

Digitise every service delivery for your products. Staying updated with technology means that the real time status of all your products can be tracked. The options to see buyer’s comments will ensure that you can take remedial steps to ensure better customer satisfaction which in turn ensures better client retention.

Meddbot, your trusted healthcare partner…

Meddbot is a secure place for health industry’s sellers and vendors to come and collaborate. We ensure healthcare services are efficient, cost-effective, and time-optimised. Our biggest pool of vendors are personally vetted by our dedicated quality assurance team. With a proper and systematic asset management system in place, we help you save time, money, effort, all of which can be focused on the services delivered to patient care.

Being your trusted partner, we keep you updated with the latest technologies so that you can grow your business whether you are a startup or an industry stalwart. Meddbot is your real partner, working hand-in-hand with you, offering you IT solutions to all your management problems.


Technology-empowered solutions for your healthcare problems..

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology including AI and ML, Meddbot ensures superior quality asset management solutions. This not only saves money, time, and resources, but also enhances productivity. Meddbot ensures a seamless and hassle-free transition from manual asset management to automated one. This not only cuts costs and increases efficacy, but also guarantees long-term benefits.

From your Problems to our Quality-assured Solutions…

Our support team is working round the clock to ensure that all your queries are addressed, all your problems are resolved. Apart from this, we equip you with the right knowledge so that you can make the accurate choice related to asset purchases. Our cost-effective, technology-empowered, and efficient solutions are why we are the trusted partner for addressing all your healthcare related requirements and asset management problems.